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  • Always like BBQ and gatherings. Like the smell and taste of the charred stuff. Can never get enough of it. One more?

  • Here’s a tiny glimpse to the time at Frankfurt. It’s so nice to meet people who are interested about life, people, places and what’s not. I hope to see these people all the time. Okay. Not to be greedy. More than one time. More updates about the trip soon.

  • "Maggie’s planning…"

    Ya right, as if I won or even recoup my loss. xD 

    Spent $2 on four sets of losing numbers. Haha. He was really funny when he had the hopes to buy. We were totally like two newbies hanging out at the counter hesitating. Almost regretted throwing away the numbers he picked cuz who knows, ya the one i gave away are THE ONES. But phew, not.

    Better luck next time~

  • Jet Set.

    Always have the thoughts about updates and things to log down as memory is starting to show signs of failing. Geez. But always couldn’t find the feeling when I’m settled down and free. I think there’s a name for this… It’s called procrastination. >.<

    Actually, to be honest, I much prefer Copenhagen to Johannesburg in this case. Even though both is a chore and rather boring. People went to see the lions and all at the park at Joburg, but that’s totally not my kind of thing to be doing it alone or with people whom I just met. I much prefer to take the trouble to come again with a dear from home.


  • D-day

    It feels like I’ve been here for the longest time. It’s so boring here. Animal tours isn’t my kind of thing neither do staying in in hotel room is.

    Looking out the window and FaceTiming my ppl back in homeland makes me appreciate how fortunate I am to be enjoying life like this, well, kinda. The weather is good here, and all I’m doing is resting the body to the max. Slept so much that it hurts a little and I can no longer go on anymore. Geez.

    I’m so happy to be gg back today. Thought it will take another run around the clock. Looking forward to my impromptu BKK trip. I know I’ve been visiting there a lot, until the boy’s mum asked why we like it so much. Oh wells, a man’s treasure may just be another man’s junk.? ;>

    But it’s gna be a whole lot different. The last trip that I went with my family was years back. To Hainan I think? yeah. years ago. BKK HERE I COME. ALL the FOOD&DRINKS&MASSAGE* :>

    I have some pictures to post to. Maybe the next ;)



  • "You only reap what you sow,
    that’s why people call me a dreamer.
    It’s love,
    it’s love."
  • Munich, Germany.

    not one of the love I’m back to but, still happy to visit again. just minus the automobile museums which i definitely have no interest in.


    St. Peter’s Church in Munich.

    one of the oldest and famous spot to see when you’re there. climbed the tower of more than 300 over steps to get up to the viewing area up there. god, the stairways up is so small that I have to stop and step aside while someone was coming my way. 



    seeeeeee. this was what i was talking about. haha, but there after it no longer looked like that. all wooden platform steps. 


    the view from atop. and that’s the old town hall with the little wooden figures that will turn when it hits a certain time of the day. i forgot which but it’s some odd timing. 


    it was so sunny that day that I’ve gotten myself some weird tan lines especially on my legs and feet. >.< 

    haha, the funny thing is when i got up there i cldnt move at first. alone, phobia of heights, practically useless and blocking the way… soon i had no choice but to move… slowly.


    Viktualienmarkt - in the centre of Munich.

    it’s kinda like a farmers’ market with gourmet food shops to flower stalls. i loved it there. went back the second day to get more freshly dried figs. i don’t know how fresh they are actually, they just looked super fresh to me.

    oh ya! my goodness, the average-size papaya was selling for about 20SGD there. lucky I’m a tropicana. haha. coconuts are my next fav and their next expensive. but i totally love how the berries and cherries are super affordable there.


    check out this famous bakery stall there. apparently so good and so famous that ppl from arnd Germany will travel here just to get their hands on these fresh buns, said to be a “sold out” for their breads.  


    All because of this 80 plus YO lady… and she was still there helping out at the stall when i went to get some too. heheeeee.



    part of the river from the Englischer Garten. didn’t get to go there this time round. only saw this on my way back to hotel. D; people say that this is one of the best time of the year to visit. people will be there drinking cheap beers and sun-tanning (sometimes naked.) ;)


    oh! visited HB with some of them. pork knuckles oh so good. just not a fan of the popular glutinous potato ball.

    all shared; otherwise instag-d



  • Jet…lag.

    It’s been one godly hour in the wee morning. I can’t sleeeeeep. It’s been almost a week alr. Why why why?!

    Had like the shortest/ speediest dinner w ze other tu homies. Haha. Because little baby Chloe got to listen to old lady nag at her before she leaves for her mission.

    Pasta was disappointing, again. Yet forgivable judging that their signboard says pizza place and not pasta. 😔

    Still can’t get used to the “I’m leaving again” feeling.


  • Clearing the sleep debt here in Moscow. That picture was taken on the roads to San Marcos. Obviously not taken by me cuz my panoramic shots are way better. Geez. Here’s to an end of the 10-day mission + holidays. Bet at least half of my allowance is a goner. But the skies are not as ever clear and blue like Cali’s. Missing LA. 🇺🇸

  • Closure.

    "It seems to be like forever."

    That was exactly how it all started.

    Unknowingly, we are all coming to an end. With a lot a lot of frustrations coming from me especially. I haven’t have the best PR skills, but if you get used to me, good for you. I have been so out of sorts for the past few months. I wasn’t exactly me. I was different than usual.

    Been trying to find some time in between for an update but I was either tired, lack of time or simply procrastinate. geez.

    After all the necessary “sharing” we have to do in school, I believe I no longer have any more interest to want to share with anyone else except my accommodation and shopping experience.

    I thought I wouldn’t really get affected to parting cuz I thought it is just a couple of months and yeah good enough, after this let’s move on together bla bla. But after today’s late dinner accompanied with the sappy oldies, wwwaaaaa, feelings duo duo leh. Just hope there really won’t be any buckets coming from me. :3

    Congratulations to the best candidate chosen for I know I do not stand a chance amongst the crowd.

    Looking fwd to the big day


    OH EM GEE.

    somehow, his class is both toiling mind blowing. mentally more exhausted than anything else now. to be at the tip of your toes all the time. zzz. to suck up cuz we are just not being naturally “nice”/

    I thought I started the day bad with a kinda bad hair day. really having a little fuss all the way from home to school. like the lack of volume and the curls are going the wrong way blah blah… But was surprised to receive a compliment from Miss A. Don’t know who that was. “OOO, I like your hair, keep it up.”

    So tired really. drive home was totally like: i could just sleep with my eyes open, let me slow drive and take a little snooze. 

    My very first step into the dark will be coming soon. Not literally the dark hello. but omgomgomg, it’s finally here. will try to make it a point to note things down, cuz we have this stupid form to pen down our reflections etc. 

    weird people are around me all the time. so annoying cuz they only think of themselves and yet act like they AREN’T? (Like HELLOWTHWEREYOUTHINKING??!)

    haha, i feel it’s kinda mean of me… and us? but you have come to a point where even if you all don’t do anything, it will still be annoying. thought you always like to play the humble guy eating that humble pie all the way. what’s with the bitching behind the back when obviously you fumbled then people try to highlight to you about it. i really cannot undst what you’re trying to prove. your sucking up skills is also up there man. one *thumb-up* for you.

    payday is coming unknowingly, time pass so fast, i think soon we will be parting, sadness shall feel the room to part with some. if we’re meant to be we will be! it takes effort to keep in contact. so no point crying and then eventually we don’t keep in contact. like, hello??? you… cry cuz people have been wasting your time and now you’re sad about it???

    tmr and friday gna be easy (i guess)

    let’s have fun.


  • Dreams.

    I don’t care, what they are going to say.

    I’m a runner, I’m currently running away from problems. Please let me find the courage to face reality.

    Let it go. I hope you can. It’s not healthy to keep it in. I’m glad you tried to look for help. I hope it can only become better. I love you.


  • Positive-/+Negative

    When you see things like a half-full of cup, you see hope, goals within your mean, contentment, and more of nice stuff. Of course the opposite also means the bad stuff.

    Do you know what a half-empty cup person view you? Naivety. Shallow. Low expectations.

    It just dawned on me how life is perceived easily with some motivational speech, moral support or even peer pressure. The very same words can have two meanings behind it.

    Who deserves some hugs? *raise both hands* *swings both arms* *shouts “ME” and “YOU”*

    Had one of the least stressful week for this course I’m going through. THANKS.

    The grams big day this weekend and I’m having dinner together with them tomorrow! Looking forward. (Still fretting over a gift to buy)


  • Bad day.

    it’s terribly annoying how every time i wna log in i need a token. same goes for any other ibanking services.

    sometimes my posts just seem like they are a summary of bad days. but i can tell you the start of this week is no bright future. it’s a hell of a monday; long, draggy, disciplinary, regimental. blehh.

    we can’t help but feel even more beaten down. so weird right, coming from a bunch of jokers and bargirls. THE SPIRIT IS NOW GONE.

    test again tmr, com skills again on day7/ everyday is a packed day.

    can i have some self-compliment? haha, perhaps the monday was so blue that ppl realised how sunny a sun i may be. 

    give me some hugs.