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"It seems to be like forever."

That was exactly how it all started.

Unknowingly, we are all coming to an end. With a lot a lot of frustrations coming from me especially. I haven’t have the best PR skills, but if you get used to me, good for you. I have been so out of sorts for the past few months. I wasn’t exactly me. I was different than usual.

Been trying to find some time in between for an update but I was either tired, lack of time or simply procrastinate. geez.

After all the necessary “sharing” we have to do in school, I believe I no longer have any more interest to want to share with anyone else except my accommodation and shopping experience.

I thought I wouldn’t really get affected to parting cuz I thought it is just a couple of months and yeah good enough, after this let’s move on together bla bla. But after today’s late dinner accompanied with the sappy oldies, wwwaaaaa, feelings duo duo leh. Just hope there really won’t be any buckets coming from me. :3

Congratulations to the best candidate chosen for I know I do not stand a chance amongst the crowd.

Looking fwd to the big day



somehow, his class is both toiling mind blowing. mentally more exhausted than anything else now. to be at the tip of your toes all the time. zzz. to suck up cuz we are just not being naturally “nice”/

I thought I started the day bad with a kinda bad hair day. really having a little fuss all the way from home to school. like the lack of volume and the curls are going the wrong way blah blah… But was surprised to receive a compliment from Miss A. Don’t know who that was. “OOO, I like your hair, keep it up.”

So tired really. drive home was totally like: i could just sleep with my eyes open, let me slow drive and take a little snooze. 

My very first step into the dark will be coming soon. Not literally the dark hello. but omgomgomg, it’s finally here. will try to make it a point to note things down, cuz we have this stupid form to pen down our reflections etc. 

weird people are around me all the time. so annoying cuz they only think of themselves and yet act like they AREN’T? (Like HELLOWTHWEREYOUTHINKING??!)

haha, i feel it’s kinda mean of me… and us? but you have come to a point where even if you all don’t do anything, it will still be annoying. thought you always like to play the humble guy eating that humble pie all the way. what’s with the bitching behind the back when obviously you fumbled then people try to highlight to you about it. i really cannot undst what you’re trying to prove. your sucking up skills is also up there man. one *thumb-up* for you.

payday is coming unknowingly, time pass so fast, i think soon we will be parting, sadness shall feel the room to part with some. if we’re meant to be we will be! it takes effort to keep in contact. so no point crying and then eventually we don’t keep in contact. like, hello??? you… cry cuz people have been wasting your time and now you’re sad about it???

tmr and friday gna be easy (i guess)

let’s have fun.



I don’t care, what they are going to say.

I’m a runner, I’m currently running away from problems. Please let me find the courage to face reality.

Let it go. I hope you can. It’s not healthy to keep it in. I’m glad you tried to look for help. I hope it can only become better. I love you.



When you see things like a half-full of cup, you see hope, goals within your mean, contentment, and more of nice stuff. Of course the opposite also means the bad stuff.

Do you know what a half-empty cup person view you? Naivety. Shallow. Low expectations.

It just dawned on me how life is perceived easily with some motivational speech, moral support or even peer pressure. The very same words can have two meanings behind it.

Who deserves some hugs? *raise both hands* *swings both arms* *shouts “ME” and “YOU”*

Had one of the least stressful week for this course I’m going through. THANKS.

The grams big day this weekend and I’m having dinner together with them tomorrow! Looking forward. (Still fretting over a gift to buy)


Bad day.

it’s terribly annoying how every time i wna log in i need a token. same goes for any other ibanking services.

sometimes my posts just seem like they are a summary of bad days. but i can tell you the start of this week is no bright future. it’s a hell of a monday; long, draggy, disciplinary, regimental. blehh.

we can’t help but feel even more beaten down. so weird right, coming from a bunch of jokers and bargirls. THE SPIRIT IS NOW GONE.

test again tmr, com skills again on day7/ everyday is a packed day.

can i have some self-compliment? haha, perhaps the monday was so blue that ppl realised how sunny a sun i may be. 

give me some hugs.


Excursion day Two.

Went visiting on location set. On the job training will come soon. News of our first and second was out Thurs night. Somewhat excited and scared. I’m scared of comms skills test too. It’s either a pass/fail paper. I really don’t wna see anyone of us getting separated.

Talking about #fiftyshadesofgrey reminded me of the yettocome movie. Really can’t wait for it to be out. I have so much expectations for it, better not disappoint me. *aww* Christian Grey…

Zoo vs. SEA Aquarium.

Right till this moment, I love the zoo so much I can keep visiting it. SEAA is like any regular underwater world experience that hasn’t shown me the potential it carries.


Part one. Down.

One of the heavy loads off our shoulders. So glad we pulled through today. Now i’m really feeling lucky how we have the very supportive in-charge. She’s so damn nice I swear. Not to mention how together as a group we help each other.

I feel myself changing. Like everyday/ Idk what kind of me will be shaped at the end of the term.

I like how things are going now. Some bitching indefinitely.

A question was posted to us last week. With regards to the course so far, pros and cons. Didn’t really thought of the negative feedbacks. As we dive deeper, we actually see a lot flaws. Kinda ones we can’t talk about.

I can’t help but feel some people tends to appear fake. How we are treated like a kid too.. I feel like the way they handle us recruits is not what we do to others. It’s somewhat too regimental for a firm like this.

For a person who hardly mingles well like me, I can’t help but feel happy to be so now.

x m

TOTALLY a school day. +excursion

CIP program. Buddy system. Cultural talk.

Day was so long and so tiring. Coming home everyday tired and somewhat motivated on the way home to study. but the moment I stepped out of shower it’s like a totally relaxed me just wanting to crash.

it’s true when they say they are the bitches. no matter how hard you try to be nice. it always comes out fake with zero sincerity. how can we trust you man.

Second part of cultural talk tmr. Please let it be Lulu-fied. totally need some Noose mood injected. SO DRYYYYYYYy. 


one of the rough patches.

Everyday on my way home or out i’ll just tell myself to pen down my thoughts. Literally pen or head to tumblr, but it never happen. PROCRASTINATE!!! so much so much. Have yet to open that damn file and start studying. Following is Monday alr. This week is like a freaking short week to pass. CNY monday blues, fast Tues, outing Wed, whataboutTHURS? and Hello VISA Friday.

there goes the week.

check back soon. got to really keep myself close to tspace. oh btw, Mr Brown Brownie went missing just the day before CNY, and it’s back home now. Lucky boy. 

back to prepping for the next day. x

Next Chapter

Lacquered nails, formal wear, sleek bunny bun. It’s all gna change from tmr onwards. Anticipating the new, yet terrified at the same time. will they be like those I’ve met, or the ones i expected. queazy fuzzy. please find me a friend, a companion for the next couple of months at least. thereafter, i believe I’m confident enough to decide if more building needs to be done, or another reno.

all the best baby, and let the new chapter begins. x

9miles away from you baby. But our hearts are together. ❤️ (at Los Angeles, CA)

9miles away from you baby. But our hearts are together. ❤️ (at Los Angeles, CA)

Far away from home.

the closest point of asia from where i stand now, is japan. living under another’s roof is never comfortable for me. what’s more sharing a room. i miss all the privacy i used to have.

i miss home.

i miss people,


and families.

I realized it’s barely two weeks? something like that. time seemed to be moving very fast. but so slow still. sometimes at some point of time i have regrets making this decision to be alone in a faraway land with hardly any decision power.

i miss the boy back home. he’s probably the only hope i have now to change the way things are.


That’s exactly exactly how I’m feeling thinking of the very long awaited yet impromptu decision that’s been made to execute.

Maybe because I have very limited resources to offer. Idk how I’m gna survive this process myself. Not knowing what to expect because I didn’t plan for it exactly. It’s just like you plan the first leap, and then having no control or whatsoever thereafter. That can of free falling that sends a mild shiver.



The bad thing about being so honest with yourself is simply a pain to bear. It’s not exactly that people will understand you or even try to. People just learn to escape. And the transparency online is equally turn off. They just judge you. 


Lines between people.

There’s a very big difference being loved and to love.